Friday, September 6, 2013

Oh my goodness

My day has been so full. I picked up my bobbin lace beginner kit at the store today and am so excited that I will now be able to learn. I have wanted to know how to bobbin lace for so long.

Well, then my dogs were outside and ran away. We searched the neighborhood and surrounding neighborhoods and finally found them. D'Artagnan has injuries to both back legs. One back leg has a gash and one we aren't sure what is wrong but he won't put any weight on it. Zura seems to be ok, just some scratches.

Some nice lady found them in the middle of a busy street and rescued them for us.

OK, so I had to bathe them and check for ticks and fleas. Found none.

So we cooked dinner and the dishes are washed. Jessica and Calvin have finally agreed on a name for the baby. Her name will be Makaylee Marie Robinson. They also will settle on their house on the 30th of September. So happy for them.

Shawn and I are going on a motorcycle ride with some folks from our former CMA chapter tomorrow. We need a nice relaxing ride.

I haven't really had my head into tatting lately. I've tried and am still working on my heart pattern but I just have too much on my mind to really give anything my full attention.

Hopefully my life will quiet down soon and I can get some real creating done.

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