Thursday, September 26, 2013

idol hands

I  haven't tatted in almost a week. I've been so busy getting my house ready for my birthday that I am so exhausted in the evenings, I just sit here.

I believe that you should not go into a new birth year with a messy house. I have been neglecting my house the past months and really needed to do some things like shampoo my carpets and clean all the windows. I also organized my sewing desk and fabric shelves. It feels so good to walk through my house and know that everything is clean.

I just with that the home repairs were all completed. 2 years ago, my husband and son tore the front of my house down and replaced the doors and window. They did a great job and it looks great from the outside, but the inside is still insulation and raw wood. I still don't even have my house numbers back up yet. They both have been very busy and I understand the delay, but I hate that I have become used to the look of timbers at my front door.

Well, off to bed for the final clean of my kitchen and deep clean of the appliances.

Two more days until I'm 50.

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