Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Designing bookmark pattern

UGH, I am getting frustrated. I have been trying to design a bookmark for 3 days. I have done the design in my drawing program 12 times so far. I have partially test tatted it 3 times.

Each test tat has come up with some pretty interesting mistakes that may turn into earring patterns later, but for now I just want to get this bookmark done.

I also got an education on what constitutes a new design. Even if I change the stitch count, if it's been done before it's not my design. I am also getting an education on putting a design on paper - self imposed. I have been making rings and chains and split rings and joins and picots all on paper. It looks good on paper, but try and tat it out - doesn't work like I thought. Adjustments, adjustments, adjustments.

I have wound shuttles and wound shuttles and wound shuttles. So now I have a bunch of shuttles with too much thread to throw away and not enough for a good sized project. I guess I will have a lot of daisies of the same color for my tablecloth, or maybe I can make some coasters out of them. Good idea Monica.

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