Thursday, October 15, 2015

Sad Sad time for our family

It is a sad time. On Tuesday our 100 year old grandfather passed away. Here he is with my hubby and brother in law.

Some people may think "Wow, he lived a long life" or "It was his time" or any of the other thoughts that come when you hear someone of his age passes away. The problem with all of this is, other than an achy knee, he was healthy and his mind was perfectly intact. This was a complete shock to us when we got the news.

PawPaw was a very good man. Of course, he had his moments. We all do. But he lived a life that most only envy. He was friends with presidents, local politicians and more.

He had many jobs and never met a stranger. His personality was infectious.

PawPaw was my son's best friend. Nate even lived with him for a while during a summer internship.

He traveled the world and was a very influential man in the Washington DC communities. He will be missed by so many.

We bury him next week and it will be a sad day for all.

RIP PawPaw. You are with Nanny, Dad and your sisters now. Heaven is rejoicing with you.

I will see you the blink of an eye.