Saturday, September 26, 2015

Happy 24th Anniversary to my hubby

Happy Happy Anniversary to my husband.

It has been an interesting ride. People never thought we would last. We were told not even a year. His family has never really accepted me or welcomed me in a way that would make me feel like I am a true member of this family. Here we are 24 years later and still going strong.

We had a small wedding. It was on a Thursday afternoon. Only a few guests attended. His grandfather, mom, dad, brothers and their wives, one of the church members, my best friend Bob and my son. Our pastor performed the ceremony. Shawn's youngest brother and wife acted as our witnesses.

When we finished our vows and the pastor announced us as Husband and Wife, my new sister in law ran up to my husband crying and said "I think you just made the biggest mistake of your life".

How is that for a great big "Welcome to the family".

Well guess what? We didn't make a mistake. We are still going strong 24 years later. But guess what? Both of his brothers' marriages didn't last. I believe that the reason is - we started our marriage with God as the center. We acted on His desires. Neither of them did. They rushed into marriage. One because they were expecting, the other because they were encouraged to have a double ceremony because one wedding was cheaper than two.

Shawn and I didn't have a huge wedding. We didn't spend a lot of money. We did it on God's time and honoring our commitment to Him. I didn't even wear a wedding dress and Shawn didn't wear a tux. We didn't care. We don't even have a picture of us on the day we married. It's not important. What is important is that we love each other and make it work.

We haven't always had the best of times. There have been some hard times, some fights and some times we felt like giving up, but we didn't. We hung in there. God knew we were supposed to be together and be able to help others through our experiences and endurance.

Anyway....I am a very happy woman...I am still in love with my husband....I will be with him as long as God allows.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

They need to be educated

Once again, I have had to educate someone about the rights I have because I have a service dog.

It is getting tiresome.

We are going on a short little vacation tomorrow. Yesterday, I called the hotel to confirm our reservations and to make sure the hotel staff was aware that I would be bringing my service dog with me. I was told that it was noted and I would be fine.

Today I get a call from the hotel front desk employee telling me that I would have to bring my dog's certification and papers before he would be admitted into the hotel. I politely informed her that I would not be bringing his papers because it is not a requirement for me to have them.

Of course an indepth conversation ensued. I educated the employee that I do not have to provide them with papers and quoted the ADA's requirements for a service dog. The employee then transferred me to the hotel front desk manager. I again explained that I would not be bringing documentation with me and I was not required to. Again I had to explain the law to her. She insisted that I would need to bring documentation. She then said that she would contact the hotel manager and have him call me.

I got on the phone with the company I booked my trip through. I was explaining the situation with the representative. (We belong to a vacation plan program). She was very understanding and said she would do whatever she could to fix the issue. As we were exchanging information, my call waiting beeped in. It was the vacation plan supervisor and the lawyer of the hotel chain.

I was surprised to know that the lawyer was on the phone. Well, I explained what had happened and quoted the law to them. The lawyer for the hotel confirmed that I was, in fact, correct. He stated that the only issue with the reservation is that my room was booked on a ground floor and those rooms were set aside to be allergen free. I understood that and agreed to have my room changed as long as I received the same amenities that I was promised when I made the reservation. The hotel lawyer then got the hotel manager on the line as well. All the arrangements were worked out and I am satisfied with the results, so far.

When I get to the hotel tomorrow, I will know for sure if everything has been handled when I check in tomorrow.

I took a moment today to make a little PSA about service dogs. Of course, Eclipse had to star in it. I have been trying to show the PSA here but for some reason it won't post.

I wish people would ask if Eclipse is a service dog instead of instantly assuming that I am trying to sneak my dog into a place where he is not allowed.

And I wish people would know that I don't have to carry any documentation, certificates, or tags. My dog is NOT required to wear a vest or have a leash that says "Service Dog". I also would like to see people acknowledge that service dogs don't always come in the shape of a German Sheppard or a Lab. They come in all shapes and sizes.

I am aware that some people do lie to be able to bring their pets with them, but I assure you, I am not faking it or lying.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Palmetto Tat Days is over

Tat Days has come and gone.

I had so much fun again this year. I drove down to Georgia by myself. Eclipse was with me. It was a long drive down and back, but I made it safely both ways.

I had a really great time. I got some nice classes. I met some new friends and reestablished some existing friendships. It was so good to see everyone who attends Palmetto Tat Days. So many people came and had a great time.

There were a lot of husbands who attended this year also. It was nice to see some males tatting and helping the teachers or just hanging around keeping each other company.

I had a vending table again this year. I did pretty good, but not as well as I wanted to. There were a lot of venders selling shuttles this year so I think that was a little bit of a setback.

Eclipse was so good and helped me so much while there. He kept my busy at times when I would have felt awkward or out of place. He was the hit of the conference. I was asked over and over again to make sure I bring him next  year as well.

It was fun to go, but I am happy to be home. Next week we decided to take a little trip up to Deep Creek lake for some relaxation and rest. I am staying for a week. Nate and Naina said they can come with us for a few days and Olivia is staying the whole week with me. Not sure yet what Shawn will be able to swing as far as days off go. I'm sure he will be able to spend some quality time with us.

I hope to have a really relaxing time and be able to recharge my battery. I want to come home with a renewed sense of self and the energy to get the rest of the year's worth of activities completed.

My birthday and anniversary is this month as well. Shawn and I will celebrate 24 years of marriage and I will turn 52. I can't believe we have been together for 24 years. No one expected us to last a year. I think we have proven them wrong.

Off to get some stuff done so I can go on vacation. Have a great day.