Sunday, June 30, 2013

Etsy shop coupons

I just added a coupon to my Etsy shop for first time customers. It's for 15% off the first order and expires on August 31st. The code is NECSTDSCT.

I also added a coupon for free shipping being sent to customer who place an order which also expires on August 31st for orders of at least $20.

I like this option. I hope it brings some more business to my store.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Busy week.

It has been such a busy week. It started out on Monday with our cat having to go to the vet on an emergency basis because he could not urinate. When we go to the vet's office, they rushed him back to get checked. I waited about 20 mins and was pulled into an exam room and advised that he had a bladder issue. He had to be sedated and a cathater inserted to empty his full bladder. I was told that most cats become septic within 12 hours of their bladder issue and die. He hadn't urinted in almost 48 hours. They had to keep him. He was put in the hospital for 4 days.

On Tuesday, I traveled to Ohio to attend the funeral of our Aunt Joyce. I drove 6 hours and got to our Mom's house (really she's my mother in law but we don't like the 'inlaw' thing). As soon as I got to Ohio, I went with my great neice to her awards ceremony for t-ball. Then back to mom's where we stayed up past midnight talking.

Wednesday found me running errands all day for family members and spending the day with my great neice (she's 7). Since they live in a really small town and the closest mall is 45 miles away, I went on another road trip to the mall to get some things needed. Again with my 7 year old neice.

Thursday was the funeral. It was emotionally draining. A 2 hour viewing followed by the service, gravesite service, meal after the service, then back to the house to visit with family until all hours of the night. A very very long day.

Meanwhile in Maryland, our cat was released from the hospital and sent home in the evening. I had called the vet hospital every day, twice a day, checking on the cat.

Friday was another travel day. I hit the road at about 9:15 am for my drive back to Maryland. I got home at about 3:45. Shawn got home a few minutes after me. We sat down and talked about my trip. I noticed that the cat was acting funny again. I checked his litter boxes and noticed that they were all (we have 3 for 1 cat) clean and not been used. No one had checked to make sure he was able to urinate. I called the vet back and was told to bring him right back in. OK, so I had just driven 6 1/2 hours, and the vet is 45-60 mins away in rush hour traffic. I jumped back in the car, mad as all get out, and rushed him back to the vet. I was not mad at him, but at a lack of follow through from my daughter. Shawn came with me back to the vet's office. We arrived about 6 pm and the cat was wisked away back to be examined again. The vet came out several times to update us on his progress. Finally about 8:30 (the vet's office closes at 7) we were told that he would be able to come home with us but would need to be back in the office at 8:30 am for emergency surgery to open his urinary tract. The best way to describe this operation is to imagine a human gender reassignment surgery. Sounds kind of crazy, hua? So we headed back home for the night.

Today, Saturday, I got up and rushed the cat back to the vet - 30 mins in  no traffic and dropped him off for his surgery. We had committed to helping friends from church move today, so off I went to meet Shawn at their home to help with the move. We packed one large U-Haul truck and got it to the new house and unpacked. By this time it was only 11:00. We moved fast. There were only a few items left at the old house and about 15 movers so we left and came home for a few minutes. We then went to a book reading and signing for 3 local authors. What a treat. Shawn wanted me to go to encourage me to get my book finished. It was so inspiring. We got to ask questions and talk to each author. I bought 4 copies of one author's book, 2 of another and a series of 3 from the third. We also found "Armor Of God" t-shirts with a man riding a motorcycle. It was great because our CMA chapter is called Armour Of God, with Ephesians 6:10-20 being our base verses. I had to get one for each of us, of course. So during the book reading, I got a call from the vet telling us to pick the cat up at 4pm. The book signing was over at 3. We rushed to grab a bite to eat and get back to the vet's office - another 30 minute drive. We arrived and sat and waited for about 30 mins. At 4:30 we were ushered into an exam room where we sat for another 15 minutes. Finally I asked someone what was going on. I paid the vet bill and the cat was brought to us - FINALLY. We were given instructions and got to take the cat home. We got home and had our nephew waiting to come in and visit. A very nice suprise. He stayed for a while and then he went out and mowed our grass. He's such a good guy. So he went home to mow his grass (he always borrows our mower and I get my grass mowed as payment). He'll be back soon to visit again.

So this has been my week. I am exhausted.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

David Reed Smith shuttles have arrived

I am so excited that my two David Reed Smith shuttles arrived Saturday. He only mailed them on Friday. I guess that's one benefit of living in the same state as him. They are just lovely to hold. I can't wait to load them up and get busy making something with them. I have so many projects going right now, I don't know when they will be loaded. David sent me the below picture as a tease. Good thing I got them so quickly, because I was drooling all over myself. My friend Leeanne always uses his shuttles and I have wanted to buy some for about 13 years but never got around to it until recently. I love that he makes them to order.

I am in the middle of making butterflies for the Holocost Museum in Houston. I have 3 finished and in the middle of #4. Then I want to make turtle earrings for my sister who I will see next week when I travel to Ohio for the funeral of my aunt. I also want to make some cross earrings, some peacock earrings, organize my shuttles, finish photographing my shuttles and so on and so on and so on.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Selling shuttles

I posted pictures of Shawn's shuttles on my Etsy shop and then asked my online tatting group to give me their feedback and in the past 3 days we have sold 4 and 2 more have been spoken for.

I never would have thought that they would sell so quickly. I think part of the reason is because his design is so different and unique. Shawn is so talented and has such a creative mind. I live to watch him when he does something different with a shuttle. His eyes light up like a little kid at Christmas.

On another note, I'm going to photograph and organize my shuttle collection tomorrow. It has grown considerably in the past few weeks and I really need to get it in order. I have a display box with some of my shuttles mounted. I should take a picture of them as well. Knowing me, I'll start a spreadsheet and catalogue them as well.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Walnut shuttle made by my husband

Shawn Braxton has done it again. He made one of  his original shuttles he has named the Arrow Head in Walnut. I think it is gorgeous. Please tell me what you think. This one is treated with non toxic Linseed oil. He's not sure if he wants to shellac it our not. I am excited that we are finishing up the paperwork for the design patent and have already gotten the copywrite taken care of for the design. You can purchase these at my Etsy store


Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Keep me off eBay please.

Keep me off eBay please. I've been shopping and keep checking eBay for new posts. I've won several auctions recently by sniping in and getting the highest bid. I know that I am ticking off some people, but it's been done to me many times. I guess she who has the biggest credit card limit wins, right? No really, I am very specific in my shuttle search. I am trying to build up my collection and looking for some unique and rare shuttles. There is one on there now that I would LOVE to have, but the auction is already up to $129.00 and it still has 3 days to go. For one shuttle. The most I have spend is $135 for 20 and one of them is an Aero England. I jsut won that auction. Here are pix of the shuttles I have purchased in the past 3 days OMG. It's a lot.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Kitty and puppy got ahold of my HDT

Yesterday my daughter found a big ball of thread that was a mess. Either the kitty, the puppy or dare I say BOTH got ahold of one of my skeins of hand dyed thread and had a grand time pulling it into a huge mess.

It took me the better part of the entire day to get it untangled. I had a real fun time. Sometimes frustrating, but I did it. I was intending to sell this beautiful skein of thread, but now I'll just keep it for myself. Some of it will be used for my daisy tablecloth. I'll make some bookmarks or earrings with the rest.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Shawn's shuttles and hand dyed thread

Well, my hubby has done it again. He is just amazing. He improved on his shuttle. He has made it easier to load and it will now hold more thread. I will be putting some up for sale on my Etsy shop tomorrow. I am so excited.

I have also sold 5 of my shuttles. It's slow selling, but I think they sell better when people see them in person. Pictures just don't do them justice and you really have to hold and feel them to appreciate the workmanship.

I also dyed some thread today so I am going to post those on my Etsy shop tomorrow as well. I dyed some duplicates this time so I have more of the same colorways to offer. I like my thread to be unique and usually don't dye more than one skein of the same color.
These are the ones I will be posting on my Etsy store

These ones I am going to keep

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

doily is giving me the blues

I have been working on this doily pattern by Linda Davies called Delicacy Doily. It has been giving me the blues. I got to row 10 and it ruffled so much that I had to reach out to Linda to get her advice on correcting it. I cut out 4 rows of tatting and then decided to just start over. I think I may have figured out the solution to my ruffle problem.

When I'm done, I will email Linda and let her know if it worked or not. She will add my adjustments to her pattern as well.

I really want to get this doily done correctly. I want to give it to Naina for a wedding gift. I know that she and my son are not yet engaged, but it will happen eventually and I want some nice handmade gifts ready for her.

So back to my doily. Pix will follow soon.