Monday, September 23, 2013

Fake Lydia Pinkham Shuttle

I won an auction on eBay for a Lydia Pinkham tatting shuttle. I was very happy to get another one for my collection. I received the shuttle the other day and was extremely disappointed when I opened the package and discovered that it was a fake. I compared it to my real Lydia Pinkham shuttle to make sure.
I contacted the seller and advised her that the shuttle was not real. She did not believe me. She said that the shuttle was real and that all Lydia Pinkham tatting shuttles were not made the same. WHAT???? Then she went on to tell me that she posted pictures of the shuttle and I should have looked at them before I bid on the auction.
I have never heard that there were more than one style of Lydia Pinkham shuttle before. I took some pictures of it and some of my real Pinkham shuttle and sent it to a few people that I trust to know the difference. Of course they confirmed what I thought to be true. It is a fake.
I haven't decided if I should send the shuttle back, or not. I think the seller will fight me on the return. If I persue the issue, I hope that either eBay or PayPal will help out.
Here are pictures of the two shuttles. You tell me what you think.

Fake Shuttle back picture

Real shuttle back picture

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