Sunday, March 23, 2014

Terriable experience at the movies.

What a terrible experience.

We planned on having a date day since we've been so busy and not able to enjoy our time together in a long time. We planned on going to dinner and a movie.

We went to Buffalo Wild Wings and had a nice meal. Our waiter was really nice and took great care of us. That was the end of the enjoyment of the date.

Shawn and I went to the movies to see God's not Dead. There was a large group from a church there. Before the movie started they were climbing all over the chairs, asking other patrons to move so they could all sit together, kicking chairs and yelling across the threatre. I went out and asked the ushers to pay special attention to our thearte since I have a feeling they would be trouble. They were so rude, rowdie, and loud that the lady sitting next to me was crying because she could not hear the movie. I stood up at one point and yelled at them that they should be ashamed of themselves and that they were not the only people in the theatre. Even the church pastor and his wife talked throughout the movie. They yelled, jumped up and down, stomped the floor and made fools of themselves. Twice I asked them to be quiet. At the end of the movie one of the group came over to me and offered me money to make up for their ill behaviour. I refused. I was landlocked in my seat and couldn't get out to go get an employee.
Once the movie was over I went to the manager to complain and they gave us our money back. We were approached in the lobby by a group of people who thanked me for speaking up. While chatting with this group, another member of the church approached me and said "I apologize for our church, BUT we tend to get a little carried away". What kind of apology was that? The but negated the apology. I told her that her church members were rude and out of control. I also said that if an non believer was in that theatre they would have been surely turned off of Christianity by their actions. I said they ruined their testimony. She didn't understand so I had to break it down. "If a non believer was in there, they would say 'if this is how Christians act during a movie I don't want anything to do with them'. " I also told her that her pastor should be embarrassed that his church acted so poorly. She didn't get it.
I don't go to the movies often and this really turned me off. I'm so disappointed that our evening was ruined.

On a better note. I did get a new purse. It's about time. I've been carrying the same Coach purse for the past 3 years. I usually only carry Coach purses. I always check out the sale items first. At the front door I was handed a coupon for 30% off plus an additional 20% off. When I went to the rear of the store, I found several purses that I fell in love with. I saw a cream and white bag that was $299 regular price. It was 50% off, then 30% off then 20% off. I ended up getting the purse for $82. I am so happy with my purchase. I can't wait to transfer everything into it. And my daughter will be happy that it's not a bucket purse because I keep so much in my purse that I can never find my keys in the bottom. This one has pockets so I will be more organized.

Well, off to bed. Tatting to be done tomorrow.


  1. I'm so sorry for your experience. The 22nd was our 45th anniversary and we, too, went to the same movie and dinner. The head chef at the restaurant even picked up our tab!! What a surprise and blessing. I hope you two go back to see the movie again when the crowd is different and you can truely enjoy. There is NO reason for anyone to be so rude as that church group. Even non church groups have better manners and I am so glad you spoke up to them. We can only hope & pray that you left an impact on at least part of that group and they will rethink their actions and make a change. Enjoy your new purse. That and especially a meal out with your hubby is great. Karen in OR

  2. Thanks Karen. I only pray that at least one of them took what I said and changed their thinking. I'm just shocked that I had the nerve to say something. I usually don't like conflict and confrontation with people I don't know.

  3. That is truly sad that a church group would have such behavior! We went and saw the movie and had a great experience including noticing that the theater was so full that they set up some folding chairs and when those filled we had people actually sit on the steps just to watch and when exiting there was a large group already waiting outside the theater to enter and see the next showing. The movie was awesome and I am sorry that you didn't get to enjoy it.