Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Hand Dying Thread

Today I started getting the thread dyed to take with me to Finger Lakes. I got 37 skeins of size 20 dyed and only 6 skeins of size 40 dyed before my back decided to no longer cooperate.

It's a long way to 100 skeins but I will get them all done.

I haven't made one shuttle yet. I still have a few weeks to get them done. If I make 3 shuttles a day for a week, I'll have 15 to bring with me. Shawn on the other hand has been busy making some beautiful ones for me to bring. He's been quite busy with making them and filling orders thru the Etsy store. It seems that his shuttles are popular. I'm so pleased because he works so hard at designing and making them. He is so meticulous.

I wish I had pictures to post of the thread, but it is still drying. I will photograph it in batches as I dye it.

One of the problems with dying my own thread is that every skein I dye, I want to keep. The colors are so yummy. I know that I could make two of every color, but that would defeat the purpose of selling thread. Plus I have a ton of thread that I need to use before I can add more to my collection. I did however make one skein for myself of peacock colors.

I feel a little behind in everything right now. Last year at this time I had all of my shuttles loaded and ready to go in little bags with labels. This year I don't even have my thread picked out yet, let alone what shuttles I will be using. I still need to pack my secret angel gift ready also. UGH. I need to get off of my rear and get things done.

Well, more tatting to get done tonight.

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