Monday, March 10, 2014

Fingerlakes Tatting Conference

I got my class list for Fingerlakes Tatting Conference this past Saturday. I got all the classes I wanted.

Here is my class schedule:

Saturday Morning - Tatting Bug
Saturday Afternoon - Tatted Amigurumi
Sunday Morning - Bluebird of Happiness
Sunday Afternoon - Snowflake/Dollhouse Doily with RUTH PERRY.

I am so excited that I got the class with Ruth Perry.

I need to get all of my tatting shuttles and threads ready and loaded up.

I hope some of my friends got some of the classes with me.

I am excited for my vacation to start. I'm not sure what day Shawn will be joining me. I'm trying to talk him into coming up on Saturday. He can hang out with Cynthia's husband while we are tatting on Sunday. He's not sure what day he's comning up.

I am so happy that I have great house/pet sitters while we are gone. We are blessed that we have young people that we trust to stay at our house and can relax and not worry about the pets or our home being at risk.

I plan on hiking at least one day and then going out and exploring the finger lakes at least one day.

Well, back to tatting a necklace that I've been working on. I need to figure out what to do for the centerpiece. It's got me stumped. I'm going to look on Pinterest for some inspiration.


  1. I'm happy for you and glad you get to attend. I've been to Shuttlebirds in Spokane a few times and it is so enjoyable to be at a tatting workshop with so many other tatters. I have to miss this year so I look forward to hearing about your time at Fingerlakes.
    How's our little burn boy doing?
    Karen in OR

  2. I hope to have fun there. I know more people this year and can't wait to see them all. One day I hope to get to Spokane for the Shuttlebirds conference.
    Tre' is doing well. I think he has a surgery scheduled for tomorrow. He's had some time to rest for the past couple weeks. Thank God.

  3. Have fun, I'm sending critter shuttles there.

    1. Very cool. I am anxious to see them in person.