Friday, March 28, 2014

My Gettysburg tatting group

I had a great time last evening with my tatting group in Gettysburg PA.

These ladies are so much fun and lift  your spirits if you are down. We laugh and chat more than tat at the meetings. It's so refreshing to know a group of ladies that I don't have one ounce of dislike for. I truly know that they are all wonderful people.

So last night I brought all of the shuttles I made and thread I dyed that I intend to bring to Fingerlakes. Well I came home $200 + richer and 6 shuttles and 28 skeins of thread lighter. I had no idea I was going to sell such a large amount of items.

This morning I made 6 shuttles to make up for the ones I sold last night. I am not going to dye more thread simply because I have enough thread to bring. I still have a large selection.

There is a lady who attends our group who wants to carry my thread in her shop. She has a shop where she sells civil war related items. She wasnt some of the vintage colors. I'm so excited. She also sells shuttles and took a very big interest in my shuttle design. WOW.

I am exhausted from making shuttles. So today I'm finished. No more shuttles are going to be made until after I get back from vacation.

Today I'm going to organize my shuttle collection and go to coinstar and cash in all of the change in the house so I can have more money to spend on goodies. I will post pix of my new purchases whenI get back. One more week and I'll be in NY. I'm so excited.

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