Friday, February 28, 2014

woo hoo new shuttles

Last night I went to my tatting group meeting in Gettysburg PA. We had a great time, as always.

The ladies there make my life so much richer. We tat and talk and talk and tat. I had to put my tatting away because I couldn't concentrate on it with all the conversations going on.

A new lady showed up via an invitation from one of our members. The new lady is Joyce. She sells new and antique shuttles. She brought a few and left with none. I bought 2 shuttles. One double bobbin Pelc and one silver one. She is going to come back again next month. Yippee... I need to take pix of the shuttles and post them. I think I'm going to add a page to my blog of all of my shuttles. I need to keep a better record of what I have.

So we were discussing finding a name for our group. I didn't think of anything good during the meeting, but on my way home I thought of the GettOver tatters. The name is from the two cities where we meet for tatting. Gettysburg and Hanover. Who knows what we will name the group, but it going to be a fun one.

So while we were there we discussed having some "field trips". One being to my house to dye thread. I can't wait until the ladies come over and we have a fun day doing that. I can't wait to see what they will be able to come up with. Even if they can't come all the way down to my house, I can bring my supplies to PA somewhere and dye it there. My stuff is kind of portable.

We also talked about the tatting conference in April. I am getting so excited to meet Ruth Perry. A few of us are going to take her class. I requested the following classes:

Tatting bug
Celtic Cross with Interlaced Picots
Dollhouse Doily/snowflake (using sewing thread)
Tatted Amigurumi
Bluebird of Happiness or
a Tat and Chat.

I will get 4 of the 6 classes that I selected. I really really want the Dollhouse Doily class (that's the Ruth Perry class), the Bluebird and the Tatting Bug classes. I guess I'll find out soon enough. I'll be happy as long as I get classes from my list of choices.

Shawn is going to come up on Sunday and stay with me in the condo for the week. I am so excited that we get a few days alone in the mountains. Hiking, relaxing, riding on the motorcycle, and no dogs to walk. Thank God for young people who are willing to house sit and dog watch for us.

Today I got all of my exchange packages mailed out, I sent Szilvia some shuttles that she ordered and some that I sent as a gift, a huge package to my friend Donald for his daughters. That package weighed 15 lbs. and I got some thread sent to a young lady who can't afford tatting thread.

I had a very productive morning. This afternoon Nicholas came over to visit. It's always nice when my nephew just stops by to see me. He's such a good young man.

I need to make some skeins of thread so I can dye more thread and get them listed in my Etsy store. I've had a little slump at the store lately. I need to get more product listed. Shawn is working on some shuttles to list also. I have a new shuttle idea that I want to work on and see what comes of it. I also want to get those resin shuttles made. I have tons of ideas for new shuttles and need to put them on paper and then into wood.

Shawn set the lathe up a while ago, but we still need to organize the room so I can get some turning done. It stinks to have all of these ideas going on in my head and not be able to do anything with them right now. UGH. I guess I could have worse problems.

Well, off to work on Makaylee's blanket some more. I'll be happy when this afgan is done.

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