Thursday, February 6, 2014

Shawn's birthday and more

Today is my hubby's 49th birthday. We had a quiet evening, eating leftovers and watching the start of the Olympics. He didn't want to go out. I'm taking him to dinner tomorrow evening instead. He wants to go to Cheeburger Cheeburger. Not a place we go to often, but we enjoy the food.

Update on Tre'. He had to have most of  his fingertips amputated today. He's doing very well with the procedures and some of his skin has started to heal itself. the family is really holding up well. We all know that God is in control of this situation and will take care of Tre'.

My bobbin lace teacher is working with me on getting all the Torchon stitches down. I'm doing a pattern with some passive bobbins, some ground stitches, and some cloth stitches. Next we are going to work on spiders and then changing colors in the middle of a pattern.
She is such a nice person. I am blessed to have her. She is an amazing lacer and is very patient with me. I lucked out with her. She found me and offered to teach me and that's a blessing in itself.

Saturday is our CMA chapter meeting then I'm going over to Calvin and Jessica's house for Mariyah's 2nd birthday party. I can't believe she's already 2. We are getting her a doll house. I can't wait to see the girls. I haven't seen them in a few weeks. Makaylee is so big. I am working on a blanket for her and I need to finish it before she's too old to use it. HAHAHA.

The ladies I tat with in PA started a new tatting group tonight in Hanover PA. I was supposed to go, but since it's Shawn's birthday, I stayed home. I don't think Shawn would have liked to spend his birthday evening alone.

I have a lot of things to keep me busy in the coming weeks. I'll post pix of what I'm working on later.

I finished making my new bobbin lace roller pillow last night. It looks pretty good. Here's a picture of it:
It came out nicer than I thought. I can't wait to use it. I've got a project on the travel pillow right now so I won't be using it yet.


  1. Thanks for the update on Tre. Been praying for him and your family. I think it was Oswald Chambers who said "everything that happens to us has been Father filtered." So thankful for our Father, 'cause I sure don't understand but know He is in control. Blessing to you and yours, Karen in OR

  2. Thank you Karen. I appreciate all the prayers. Fortunately Tre' has a 3 week break from all the surgeries. More donner skin has to be regrown so he can have more skin grafts. We are so thankful that God has protected him.