Wednesday, February 19, 2014

CNC machine is a bust.

My CNC machine is STILL not working. The seller asked me to send him photos of the fuses that I changed. I sent the photos and advised that I changed both fuses and that all the filiments are in tact. That was on Feb 10th. Normally when I contact them, the reply withing 24 hours, no problems.
Well I  haven't heard from them since I sent the message with the photos.

I contacted my credit card company and filed a dispute about the machine not working. Usually you can only dispute charges within 90 days but because I've been working with the seller for so long to try to get troubleshooting done then they would consider my dispute. They already credited my account back for the cost of the machine.

I am so sad. I need to get an engraving machine. I have things to get made. I have people that want things made. I need to do some more research and see what I can do to get a new machine. I will be back on the hunt for one.

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