Sunday, February 2, 2014

What a week and weekend

It has been a crazy week.

First of all, last Saturday Braxton and Tiffany were laid to rest. What a heartbreaking situation for the whole family. Olivia said that there were so many people at the funeral, they had to stop the greeting line for the family after 1.5 hours and not everyone got to greet the family. Olivia saw LaTanya and broke down. Bill and LaTanya were the ones to console her.

Braxton loved the Seattle Seahawks so much that his coffin was in the Seahawks colors and there was a huge team sticker on it. The owner of the team sent a letter and memorabilia to Tre'. The letter was read during the service. What a nice gesture.

Shawn and I didn't go to Ohio. It would have been too hard of a turn around. We stayed here and went to CMA's Seasons of Refreshing. It was a good day spent with fellow Christian bikers.

So Sunday we hung around the house and Nick came over for a few minutes. We just hung around the house and relaxed. We watched the ProBowl which was pretty cool. First time it was held like a fantasy team. Players from the same pro team were on opposite teams during the game. It was pretty cool. I ordered a Seahawks jersey with Braxton on the back and #11. I could have put #16 which was his number but 11 just felt right. I spent more to have it overnighted but I really wanted it to wear on Superbowl Sunday

The week was crazy. Shawn worked his rear off. I had a bunch of things to do around the house. Thursday PawPaw turned 99. I got to talk to him for several minutes on Thursday evcening. We had a great conversation and he's happy to be back in DC. My jersey came in. I was so excited. Happy to have it. Spent way too much for it, but I wanted to honor Braxton. Plus it has my last name on it so I can wear it later. On Wednesday the coach for the Seahawks called Braxton's dad and spoke to him about the fire and the family. WOW, during Superbowl week, the coach took the time to call and speak to the father of a young fan who lost his life in a fire. WOW.

Saturday I had a wonderful bobbin lace lesson with Alyson. She taught me so much. We spent 3 hours during the lesson. I got a lot more understanding and feel much more confident. I came home and we went grocery shopping. Woo Hoo.

Went to church this morning and had a great sermon. I took so many notes, I'm going to have to go back and rewatch the message.

Today is SuperBowl Sunday. I made chili and a cheeseball. The Seahawks dominated the game. They won 43-8. Who would have guessed that? I had them winning 34-27. Braxton would be so happy right now. We had hoped that somehow Braxton would have been acknowledged at the start of the game, but that didn't happen.

We are still so excited that the Seahawks won. This one's for you Braxton. ♥♥♥

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