Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Woo Hoo I did my first "Guts" ride

I did it. I did my first Do you have the Guts ride. That means on New Years day you take a ride on your motorcycle for brunch, no matter what the tempature is. In the years past, the group always went to a restaurant that serves shellfish and I'm alergic so I can't go. This year I went with another group.

Today we started out and the temp was 28 degrees. It was 8am. I had to jump start my bike because the battery was dead. My nephew, Nicholas, helped get the bike started. We'd tried everything and we couldn't get it started. I finally did something that you are NOT supposed to do. I hooked the bike battery up to my truck and started the truck. This can blow the battery up, so don't do this at home.
Fortunately it worked. Nicholas came with me on the ride. I recently bought heated gloves but they came unplugged on the road and I didn't get a chance to plug them back in. The plug wire was hanging off the bike and kept hitting the pipes. Needless to say, they are HOT. The wires melted a little, but not bad and I'm not in any danger when I use them.

We met up with two other people and rode to Chesapeake Beach Md to Rod and Reel restaurant. It was about a 60 mile ride one way. 25+ people showed up. It was a great meal with great company and great conversations.

On the way back, I had to be Road Captain because the guy who led us on the way down was going home a different way. We got home safely. I got to use my heated gloves working on the way home. Boy my hands were warm. NICE. Oh by the way, it was about 35 degrees when we got back. It sure had warmed up.

First "Guts" ride is over. WOO HOO


  1. Congratulations! I got a Gerbings heated jacket several years ago and use it often. Heated gear is the best 'cause we can ride safer and more miles. Happy New Year, Karen in OR

  2. I only got the gloves. I think I need to get the vest also. The International Motorcycle Show is in town this weekend. I just might get some more heated gear then.

  3. I bought the vest first but soon decided the jacket is what I need so got it. I even wear it under my coat when I don't plug it in if it's cool, but not real cold. Have had it for many years and there are better updated ones available now. Enjoy the rides, Karen