Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Spangling some new bobbins

I got a package in the mail the other day from eBay. I got 36 Midland bobbins that were unspangled. The packaging was kind of strange. They came wrapped in an empty dinner side dish box?????  Well, the bobbins smelled musty so I've been trying to get the smell out, but I still wanted to spangle them. I sprayed them with Fabreeze and put them in a ziplock bag for a while. They smelled kind of OK, but I got to spangling. I got 11 pair done and have 7 more pair left. here is a picture of the ones I got done.

Here are the pairs on the left and one of each on the right. I had some help so not all the designs are mine.
Last night I got another package. In it were the replacement HRH Prince George bobbins, a new set commemorating the marriage of Prince William and Pricess Kate, and 50 unspangled bobbins. Uh Oh. Now I have 32 pair to spangle. I think I may be running out of ideas for the spangles.  I have a lot of beads, so I will come up with something new, I'm sure. I think I have enough bobbins for now. I also am waiting for a new order from Agnes from Sixpenny bobbins in the UK.

I'm so happy that I found Agnes' web site because I have been bidding on her bobbins on eBay and I've overpaid for a lot of them. I am just ordering them from her directly from now on.

I had some plain wooden bobbins that Olivia and I painted while she was home for Christmas. I need to photograph them as well.

I am also playing with some plastic shuttles. I've been decorating them with stickers and Mod Podge and clear nail polish. I'm having fun with them. Pix of them to follow.

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