Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Bobbin lace lesson

On Sunday I had a wonderful distraction from the tragedy our family is suffering.

I met with a lady that I met online who lives just miles from my house. She taught me some history of bobbin lace. She showed me her early work and her current work. Beautiful by the way.

She also talked about bobbins and pillows and pins, OH MY. Which bobbins are good for sewings and for other laces. I learned about Bucks point lace, Milanese, and so many other types. She recommended some books for me to get and I've already found and purchased 3 of them.

I am intrigued by so many different styles, but for right now, I want to stay with Torchon lace because I have a few things that I want to make and Torchon is the best for what I have in mind.

I want to get a roller pillow, but saw one online that I want to make. That will be good for me to make one.

I came away from the lesson with so much information. I know that I need to get some better and thinner pins, but for right now, I'm going to keep working with the ones I have.

I still have several pair of bobbins I need to spangle. Alyson also showed me why I don't need to have all of my bobbins in pairs. As long as I keep consistant, I should be OK. But knowing me, I need pairs. Partly because of my OCD, but partly because I like the matching ones.

Well, I need to get back to spangling bobbins. I have about 30 pairs left to get done. Lots and lots of beads to add. Not sure how many pair of bobbins I have right now. I am getting a large collection. Mostly cheap ones that Olivia and I painted or decorated. Whatever works, right?

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