Sunday, November 10, 2013

Wonderful weekend

I have had the best weekend so far. The Nate and Naina came home for Olivia's 21st birthday celebration. Olivia was told they couldn't come home. She got here about 10pm and they rolled in almost 2 hours later. She as happy. We had 5 people, 5 dogs and 1 cat all in the house and it was all great.

We went to a Christian concert with TobyMac, Mandisa, Brandon Heath, Jamie Grace, Colton Dixon, Chris August and introducing Capitol Kings. TobyMac's band DiverCity was amazing. It was such a great show. We had so much fun. Olivia, Shawn and I got the VIP experience. I got to ask Chris August and Capitol Kings a question in the Q&A session and Olivia got to ask TobyMac a question. It was so fun.

We sang, danced, praised, screamed, laughed, clapped hands and worshiped God all evening long. I was so happy to see Shawn singing and dancing and having a great time. He really needed to have that break.

Olivia and got so much gear from the show. We got every artist's CD. The music is amazing. Every artist could and should be a headliner.

I am so pleased that Olivia chose to spend her 21st birthday celebration at a Christian concert instead of going out drinking and going to a bar. My girl is such a responsible young lady. She makes us so proud. Our son is an amazing man and he also makes us so proud. We are truly blessed by God with such great kids and such a great life.

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