Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Bobbin Lace

Yea. My bobbin lace pillow arrived today. I'm so excited. I also got 2 each bobbins made with my name engraved on them. One set blue, one set red. They are so pretty. I'm excited to start using them.

I got some pastel threads to start using in size 20. I can tat and make bookmarks with them. If I get better at it, I will make some for gifts for Christmas.

I also got 2 tatting shuttles honoring England's newest heir to the throne. HRH Prince George. They are hand painted and have his date of birth on them.  Here is a picture of them plus the bobbins.

And I also got a package from my wonderful friend who lives in Hungary. Szilvia is a shuttle maker also and she sent me these adorable shuttles. Mini Lady Hoare and another great design of shuttle. She also sent me two keychains of dog bones. One pink and one blue. Fore each of my dogs. I just love them. Szilvia is so generous.

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