Friday, October 4, 2013

teaching tatting

I have been tatting for about 15 years. I picked up the artform very quickly. I got the flip on the first try. Not many people do that. So I am not bragging, just stating a fact. I am going somewhere with this one. I have been teaching tatting to anyone who wants to learn at no charge. The person that taught me charged $56 for 3 lessons that were 2 hours each. I bartered with her and paid her with one of my grandmother's favorite tatting books. I regret giving that book up. I never want anyone to have to give something up to learn to tat. I teach for free.

There was a post on facebook, on one of the tatting groups that I subscribe to, asking if anyone was in my area. So of course I responded. I'm always anxious to help. Tomorrow I will be meeting with her to help her with her tatting. She's been tatting for under 2 months and is just now picking up the shuttle. I'm excited to help another tatter.

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