Thursday, October 31, 2013

Frustrating day I had here

So, I went to bed really late last night and since Jessica is so close to delivering, I am keeping my phone on and by my bed. So at 9am I started getting text messages.

My next door neighbor was out back making his grand daughter a doll house. I went over and we started talking. He happened to mention that Harbor Freight had a mini table saw for sale. Since the store is only 15 - 20 minutes away, I decided to go down and check it out to see if it was something I could use to make shuttles. I get to the store and had to ask 3 different people for help after running around the store for about 20 minutes looking for it myself.

Well after all that, they tell me that they don't have any and the girl at the register will call the Glen Burnie store to check their stock. I went and stood at the register for about 15 mins while she took customer after customer - ignoring me after she initially acknowledged that she was to call another store for me. Mind you - her register was closed. I finally got tired of waiting and called the store myself. The man on the phone assured me that they had several in stock. I asked him to double check because I was coming from more than 30 minutes away - at the beginning of rush hour. He said that he couldn't leave his register, but assured me that they had a good supply.

I get into my truck and drive to the other store - 40 minute drive. I look all over the store and don't see the saw. I had to hunt down an employee to help me. This boy was scatterbrained. He acted like I was bothering him by asking for help. (I thought that was his job). So anyway, we go looking for the saw. Since he's the only employee on the floor, every customer in the store was vying for his attention. He walked away from me several times. He finally went to the register and asked the guy there if they had any Mighty Mini Table Saws. The guy said - yes they are on aisle 3. Well, aisle 3 was clamps and knee pads. NO TABLE SAWS. The boy left me again and another customer tried to help me. I got frustrated and went to the register and stood there while the boy was taking calls and helping other customers. After about 30 - YES 30 mintues, I finally demanded he help me. Again, he goes on the floor and decides that they don't have any. I looked up the item number from their web site and gave the number to this boy. Something he should have done 45 mins earlier. He then decided to look it up and told me that they didn't have any in stock. I started to blow. I demanded to have the store manager's number. He went to get this cell phone. HIS CELL PHONE. He then played with his phone for 5 more minutes before I again asked him to give me the store managers name and number. He said he didn't have the number. I asked him to write down the manager's name and the store number then made him give me his name and the other employee's number. (if you know me, you know that I was calm for about 1 hour longer than usual)

All of this took 2 1/2 hours. I was beyond furious.

So I get home and Shawn and I got the lathe together and the blade needs to be replaced. huge disappointment. Oh well, I got to use the machine.

So, now it's after 11pm and I'm exhausted. I forgot to eat dinner and will have to get a small snack and go to bed.

The upside is that my engraving machine will be here TOMORROW.

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