Monday, October 14, 2013

hdt almost done

So, I have wound 12 50 yard skeins of size 20 thread and 10 50 yard skeins of size 40 thread. In the morning I will be dyeing it and then hopefully by tomorrow evening I will have posted it in my Etsy store.

I'm going for bolder colors. I tend to go for more pastel colors since I love to tat with pastels, but this time, I'm going to get a little bold. I can't wait to see what comes out. I want to do a couple confetti skeins as well. They are so much fun to tat with.

On another note, Shawn has to go to work tonight and work for 12 hours. He usually works day shift and it's going to be hard for him to stay awake all night. I pray that he is able to make it the whole night and be OK to drive home tomorrow.

I have 3 tatting shuttles to finish so I can mail them in the morning. Two purple heart and one maple. I also need to mail a test shuttle out.

Shawn made a new type of shuttle and I have 3 out there now. I haven't heard any feedback yet on them. I'm sending one more out tomorrow. The design is really cool and I hope to be able to get positive feedback and put it up for sale soon.

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