Tuesday, June 4, 2013

doily is giving me the blues

I have been working on this doily pattern by Linda Davies called Delicacy Doily. It has been giving me the blues. I got to row 10 and it ruffled so much that I had to reach out to Linda to get her advice on correcting it. I cut out 4 rows of tatting and then decided to just start over. I think I may have figured out the solution to my ruffle problem.

When I'm done, I will email Linda and let her know if it worked or not. She will add my adjustments to her pattern as well.

I really want to get this doily done correctly. I want to give it to Naina for a wedding gift. I know that she and my son are not yet engaged, but it will happen eventually and I want some nice handmade gifts ready for her.

So back to my doily. Pix will follow soon.

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