Sunday, June 9, 2013

Shawn's shuttles and hand dyed thread

Well, my hubby has done it again. He is just amazing. He improved on his shuttle. He has made it easier to load and it will now hold more thread. I will be putting some up for sale on my Etsy shop tomorrow. I am so excited.

I have also sold 5 of my shuttles. It's slow selling, but I think they sell better when people see them in person. Pictures just don't do them justice and you really have to hold and feel them to appreciate the workmanship.

I also dyed some thread today so I am going to post those on my Etsy shop tomorrow as well. I dyed some duplicates this time so I have more of the same colorways to offer. I like my thread to be unique and usually don't dye more than one skein of the same color.
These are the ones I will be posting on my Etsy store

These ones I am going to keep

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