Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Keep me off eBay please.

Keep me off eBay please. I've been shopping and keep checking eBay for new posts. I've won several auctions recently by sniping in and getting the highest bid. I know that I am ticking off some people, but it's been done to me many times. I guess she who has the biggest credit card limit wins, right? No really, I am very specific in my shuttle search. I am trying to build up my collection and looking for some unique and rare shuttles. There is one on there now that I would LOVE to have, but the auction is already up to $129.00 and it still has 3 days to go. For one shuttle. The most I have spend is $135 for 20 and one of them is an Aero England. I jsut won that auction. Here are pix of the shuttles I have purchased in the past 3 days OMG. It's a lot.


  1. now that you've gone thru e-bay ... you can move on to etsy!!! Enjoy your new treasures.

  2. Oh, I'm an Etsy addict also, but I tend to buy more from eBay. I also have an Etsy shop. Sad that I buy shuttles, but make them myself. If you'd like, check out my Etsy shop: