Friday, May 10, 2013

Stitching group

So tonight I had the pleasure of meeting up with a group of ladies to stitch. We met at a Panera Bread restaurant. My daughter, Olivia, came with me. There were 4 other ladies there and 2 young ladies. Olivia was immediately snatched up by one girl to sit with. She's a kid magnet.

The group consisted of 3 tatters, 1 knitter, 1 cross-stitcher, 2 crocheters and 1 playing on an iPad. We had such a good time. We met at 7pm and before we knew it, it was 9:50 and we had to leave. The restaurant closed at 9 and they were so gracious to let us stay while they cleaned up.

This group meets once a month on the 2nd Friday evening. I am definately going back. It was so nice to find a group of ladies that I could enjoy and talk to. It was also nice that my daughter was there with me. I suffer from depression and have anxiety when I am in a group. I didn't feel any anxiety tonight. I feel so blessed to find this group. I already told them that they are stuck with me.

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