Monday, May 20, 2013

Maryland Tri-State Rally

This past weekend, Shawn and I went to the Christian Motorcyclist Associations Tri-State Rally. The purpose of the rally is to get motivated for the riding season and prepare to do our ministry work for the year. Now usually each state has it's own rally, but because Maryland, Deleware and New Jersey are smaller, we join together to have ours. We rotate states and this year it was held in Maryland. We went to the Western part of the state.

We had a wonderful time. There were about 250 people who registered and attended. That's a lot of Christian bikers all in one place.

Our Regional Evangelist, Rick Steffy, held services each day. What a blessing he is. He and his wife travel the NE - 15 states - supporting and lifting us all up.

We arrived on Friday and stayed until Sunday. Saturday was the big day and a ride to the Flight 93 Memorial in PA. Over 100 bikes rode together. What a sight we were. Can you imagine 100 + motorcycles riding down the back roads? We were given permission to block the intersections so we didn't get seperated and had some police assistance. We always take turns blocking and Shawn and I got to block one road because we were riding close to each other.

The ride went great except I got stung by a bee on my jawline while riding. I guess the bee was mad that I got in it's flight path. It still hurts.

When we got to the memorial site, it was very somber. I was emotional and moved by what I saw.

We came back to Western Maryland and stopped at a Harley Davidson dealership and met a couple who asked us for prayer for their daughter who was scheduled to have surgery on Monday morning for an issue with her kidneys. We brought them back to the rally and we all prayed for them.

God is so good. He answered our prayers and the little one came through the operation fine.

We had such a great time catching up with old friends and meeting some new ones.

So we are home and ready to get our riding season going.

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