Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Got harrassed by a State Trooper today at the MVA

So, today I went to the MVA to renew my husband's tags and had Eclipse with me. Now Eclipse is my ESA dog and I have documentation from my Dr stating that I need to keep him with me all the time.

So I walk into the MVA and past this state trooper who is on duty there. I get in line to renew the tags. There about 6 people in front of me and I realize I will be there for a little while. I pick Eclipse up and stand my distance from anyone just in case they are afraid of him.

All of a sudden I feel someone next to me and look over. This trooper is standing right next to me looking at me. He was almost touching me, but never said a word. I looked over at him and asked him if I could help him. He starts drilling me about the dog and if he is licensed and has papers, etc... I advised him that I have documentation and am allowed to have the dog.

He said "I've never seen a service dog that is that small. Are you sure he is your service dog, and what is wrong with you that you need a dog? I assured him that my Dr has prescribed me to have the dog and I have Anxiety and Depression. I ask the man is there a problem with me having the dog in the MVA and if so, I will take him home and come back to renew the tags. He said "No, I just wanted to check". First of all, he can't ask me why I have a service dog. It's none of his business. I felt like I had to tell him because he was demanding to know.

So I'm standing in line and had a little issue with one of the employees who was being extremely rude when the guy at the kiosk is having issues and I asked for help. I called him on it and he tried to get me to get ejected from the MVA. SMH. The trooper comes over again and gets in my face.

So, by now I'm getting upset and start feeling my tears well up. I just turn around and stand in the line. An older gentlemen gets in line behind me. We start chatting and he asks to pet the dog. We start talking and all of a sudden the trooper is standing in front of me again.

He starts telling me that if I'm not being truthful about Eclipse, then he's going to have to write a report and get in trouble and goes on and on about me having the dog in the MVA. I again ask him if I should leave and take the dog home. At this time I'm crying and visibly upset. The trooper keeps talking and talking to me about me having the dog.

The gentleman behind me tells the trooper to leave me alone. That I am upset and I get the point. The trooper gets rude and says to ME, "I don't know who this person next to you is, so he needs to stop talking". I try to tell him that the man and I were just talking and he was defending me.

The trooper keeps talking about me having the dog. He won't shut up. I again tell him that I UNDERSTAND. I inform him that I'm a former cop and I know that I should have had his tag with me but I forgot it at home. The man behind me again jumps in and asks the trooper what his name is and for a business card. The trooper tells him "I'm Corporal Butler and I don't have a card". The man tells him that he's a former police officer also and that he has a PhD in Criminal Justice and that he's also a lawyer and he would like to have the officer leave me a lone and walk off. He said "She understands what you are saying, because she has told you that she understands, so just leave her alone". The trooper asks him who he is to me and he said "I'm a citizen and can see that she is extremely upset and I am protecting her".

Again the trooper just kept harassing me about the dog and keeps talking. I asked him to just leave me alone and let me get my tags and go home. He won't stop. He says "I'm not raising my voice so I' not harassing anyone". The man tells him that he's going to write a letter of complaint to his superiors and again asked for his name.

By this time I am shaking so hard the dog is bouncing up and down in my arms. Eclipse is snuggling up to my next and whimpering. He kept licking my neck trying to comfort me. He really did his job.

Well, I finally get up to the kiosk and the nasty MVA worker was there assisting. I told him that I could handle the machine alone and I respectfully did not need his assistance. So he starts telling the trooper that I was rude and walked away.

I get the tags renewed and while waiting for my receipt to print, I ask the man behind me if I can give him a hug. He hugged me so tight I thought he was going to break me. It felt good to know that someone had my back.

I was shaking so hard that I couldn't get the key into the car to go home. I sat in the car and had to calm down before I drove home.

I get home and tell Shawn about the incident and he immediately wanted to go up to the MVA and have a talk with the trooper. I wouldn't let him.

As I was telling him the story, we realized that Mike, my cardio kick boxing instructor is the guys supervisor. Shawn wanted me to call Mike and tell him, but I don't want to mix the issue with the trooper up with my relationship with Mike. It puts him in a bad position.

I went to my dr's office tonight for my appointment and told her what happened. She is going to write a complaint against the trooper as well.

How the heck did I get myself into that mess? I just wanted to renew my tags.

So now I am home and much calmer but I am still shaken by this event.


  1. sorry for the trouble. Great that you had your dog and the wonderful man there to help you.
    some people just feel the need to be busy bodies to prove to themselves they matter.

  2. Thank you so much. I was so happy that the man stepped in to stand up for me. I just wish I would have gotten his name.

  3. What a mess. I am happy that man was behind you in line. What a nasty way for the Trooper to treat you. I hope you have recuperated from this by now? (Hugs) Linda

  4. What a mess. I am happy that man was behind you in line. What a nasty way for the Trooper to treat you. I hope you have recuperated from this by now? (Hugs) Linda