Sunday, May 17, 2015

Dog training and a new craft for me.

So much has been going on.

We have been really busy. We have put our Etsy shop on hold so we can get some orders finished and out.

Eclipse is at Puppy Boot Camp. He is there for two weeks and will be trained in obedience, some agility, and some manners. I am so excited for him, but can't wait to get him home. He left on May 13th and I don't get him home until the 27th. They work extensively. I will get a course in his training when I pick him up. The trainer said that he's a little hard headed but very smart. Well, I knew that. They are really having fun with him and also said he's fun to play with. That makes me smile. I really miss him and am counting down the days until he's home.

When he gets home, they will come and do several home visits to make sure he's doing the right things and that I am also. Plus he gets a lifetime of training from them. This all is necessary for him to be my service dog.

Oh yea, I forgot, Eclipse has been upgraded from ESA to Service Dog. He is so in tune with my stress and alerts me to stressful situations. He also alerts me to situations where I will be anxious. I didn't train him,  he just instinctively knows what to do. He bonded with me immediately.

Yesterday we got to witness one of our "kids" begin his life as a married man. It was so sweet. We are so happy for the couple and can't wait to witness their future. Nate and Naina came home because the groom is a great friend of his. Olivia was my date because Shawn had to work.

I have learned a new craft that I really love. I've been doing chain maille. OMG it is so much fun. I took a free lesson at my bead society meeting last Tuesday and I am in love. I made a pair of earrings and a bracelet.

I want to learn how to make this without marking up the colored rings. I am still learning that. I have already ordered supplies to make some more jewelry. I bought a book on Chain Maille years ago and even bought some tools to make my own jump rings. I can't wait to try this again.

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  1. Good for you and your dog. I am sure he will be a big help when he gets home. have fun with your chainmaille. you are not the only tatter that has this as another craft. Jeff Hamilton up in Sask CA does as well. I have purchased some of his stuff.