Saturday, April 18, 2015

Frustration, frustration, frustration

I am having such a bad day.

It started out wonderful. My former sister in law, my niece and her daughter came to town to visit. We toured DC and had a wonderful time. We went to the Holocaust Museum, the Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial and the White house. 

There was a free concert on the lawn of the Washington Monument for Earth Day. We go to hear Train, Mary J Blige and Fall Out Boy as we walked around.

We then went to a Tex-Mex place for dinner and had a great conversation. We talked about family and just caught up on our lives, since we haven't seen each other in a while.

Then the crap part of my day happened

Backstory: my husband's brother was in the hospital earlier this week with a blood clot in his lung and had what is called "Coal Minors Lung". It's really serious. I was out of town and had very limited access to the internet, so I didn't know about what was going on. The only notifications the family got was by my BIL's fiancé posting on FB and I didn't really see anything. I saw the messages on Tuesday and immediately told my hubby that his brother was sick. I messaged the fiancé to find out what hospital he was in and she said he has his phone so my husband could contact him. So, I did my familial duty and notified my husband about his brother. My husband was supposed to do his duty and check on his brother.

Fast forward to today. While traveling our of DC, I get messaged on FB from the fiancé telling me that it came to her attention that I never contacted my husband about his brother's condition. She also said that she felt if the tables were turned, I would also be upset and because of that, she no longer wanted to have a relationship with me. OK, WHAT THE HECK?

I was not responsible for my husband not contacting his brother. I told him every day to call his brother. I can't control what someone else does. This person has caused issues with me in the past and I have been blamed for a LOT of crap I didn't do. I have been trying to foster a relationship for her, for the benefit of the family.

I demanded my husband call his brother to straighten this mess out. He did and the response was that blame was not to be placed and we only needed healing.

OK. First of all, I was blamed for something I didn't do and now, all of a sudden, no blame is to be placed when SHE is the one who is shown to be at fault. My husband was not permitted to speak to her to explain the truth because she was "too upset". OK, who gives a crap that I'm beyond upset? No one.

Yes I am whining and venting here. I am just so tired of being blamed for stuff I just don't do. My husband's family has been doing this for 24 years and I'm done with this all. If something doesn't change, I really want to cut everyone out of my life. I'd rather be alone then have to deal with this stress all the time. I'm always waiting for the blame gets placed on me again.

And they all wonder why my depression is so bad???????

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