Monday, September 22, 2014

Random stuff

So, I am just rambling today.

I got my dress for Nate's wedding this past weekend. I have to get it altered a little. It's a little large in a few areas and I want to add some sleeves to it. It's not exactly the color I anticipated getting, but I love it. It's a soft green color. I am going to remove the rhinestone thingy at the waist and tat a motif and add a brooch to mine and make the same one for Naina's mom, so our dresses kind of match.

Then today, I sent some HDT and shuttles to a friend in New York who will take them with her to Canada to sell at a tatting conference there. This is so nice of her to offer. I sent her a gift as a thank you.

Now, one of my favorite shows is on TV. The season premier of the Big Bang Theory is on.

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