Thursday, September 11, 2014

Home from Palmetto part 2

Where did I leave off? Oh, I remember -

People started showing up at the venue about 1:45. We got to chat and visit for a while, then Linda and I set up my vending table.


Here are pictures of the table with all of the things I brought. I have a lot of things there. Maybe too much.
We got to go to our rooms and then the fun began.
Dinner and then an evening class with Jane Eborall. We made a key. What a fun night.
The rest of the weekend was tatting classes and meeting new people. I got to take a class from Jane and we had a wonderfully fun time. Jane told us stories of Tat Days past. Friday was a very long day. We had a banquet, an auction, and the quilt drawings. I won a tote bag with some tea bags.

There was another class on Friday evening but I didn't attend because I was too exhausted. We had such a great evening.

Saturday dawned and I was excited to get my day started. I overslept a little but got ready in a few minutes to run down to breakfast. Each meal, I tried to sit with a different person or group of people. I wanted to meet as many people as possible.

After breakfast I ran back to my room to grab my rollie cart, to the vending room to straighten my table and then to my class with Vicki Clarke. We made sun catchers but I haven't finished mine yet so no pix.

Lunch happened next and then off to my class with Nina Libin. I am blessed to have been able to attend the last class she plans on teaching. Her method of tatting is wonderful. If you don't know what she does, visit her web site

I packed up my vending table and got all of the items I didn't sell into my car. Phew. That was done.

After dinner we had our final events. We took an origami class where we made folded boxes. It was my first time doing it and did pretty well. I even helped the teacher assist others. I guess I'm a natural at it. HAHAHA

After the class, we did the white elephant exchange. Oh my what fun we had. Jane Eborall got a pair of slippers that looked like Sigmund Freud. I got a pair of napkin rings that were gawd awful ugly. Sumiko thought they were dentures. Well that got us going. We made all kinds of jokes and used them as teeth. We laughed so loud and jokes so much, we missed half of the exchange.

Even Freud got in on the teeth joke
Jane Anderson laughed so much that we thought she was going to wet her pants. Oh we laughed so much our sides hurt. I think the people around us wanted to jump into the conversation but we were having such a good time that they didn't want to interrupt.
Afterwards, we all went to bed and I packed my suitcase and gathered all of my belongings that I didn't need into my bags. I reluctantly went to bed with the dread that I was going to have to leave in the morning.
Sunday came way too fast. We loaded up the car and went to breakfast. Lots of conversation happened because we wanted to make sure we said everything we wanted to. I went around to every person I could find and said good bye. Some people cried when they parted with good friends they only see a few times a year.
Linda and I got into my car after hugs and kisses to everyone we could find.
Our ride home was great. More than 9 hours of talking with no lull in the conversation. We relived the events of Tat Days and talked about everything we could.
I have made some new friends and gotten to know some people a lot better.
I am already waiting for next year. 

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