Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Our new deck

Our new deck is almost finished. We have worked for days to get things ready and done.

We bought all the wood on Saturday and had to haul and stack it in the back yard. It was exhausting. I have to give Shawn and Pat credit for carrying most of it. I did help carry but mostly moved the wood from the truck to the ground. We had to rent a moving truck to get it home.

On Monday we tore the old deck down. I am so happy that we decided to build a new deck because the old one was rotting and we didn't even know it. The wood crumbled at some points. It was a mess. I was trying to help bend nails down and stepped on one nail that went thru my left big toe, but not all the way. I called my doctor and they had me come in right away for a tetanus shot. It has been years since the last one. So we go the deck torn down, the joists put up and the support beams up. I made only one trip to the hardware store.

Today the guys started working at 8am. B y 8:30 I was on my first trip of the day to the hardware store. I had to exchange two boards that weren't the right size.

By the time I got back, I was ready to start laying the deck floor. My daughter and I laid the entire floor of the deck while the guys secured all the beams and make the structure safe and stable. It was fun to do the deck and I get to see the results of my hard work every time I walk out on my deck. So halfway thru laying the floor, I had to make trip two to the hardware store. Mind you. Olivia had literally just returned from Lowes when I ran out to Home Depot.
We got the entire floor done, the handrails up, and Olivia and I started putting the pickets into the frame. We didn't get the entire job done, but we will tomorrow. Our dogs are already loving the new, larger deck. D'Artagnan was ready to run out onto the deck even when the floor wasn't completed. Zura was a little more timid and wouldn't come out because she didn't feel safe without the pickets on. The cat was having nothing to do with the deck. All the noise and people in and out of the house really set him on edge.

I will take pictures of my new deck when I am finished tomorrow. It won't be stained yet, but it will still look good. I'm so proud of how it looks.

I haven't worked this hard physically in a really long time. I can't complain tho because those men worked their rear ends off. I was so proud of my husband, who got to help today. He really worked hard to have his deck done. I definitely got cardo and weight lifting done this past 4 days. Tomorrow will be another day of lifting and bending.

I hope all of this work shows on the scale this week.

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