Tuesday, July 8, 2014

New machine is coming...........

Since I broke Shawn's Shopsmith, a friend of ours is going to take it to see if he can fix it for himself.

When I told Shawn that I needed to get a new lathe he said that I had to decide between the lathe and the laser engraver. No brainer their. I bought the laser engraver. I heard from the seller today that it will be here on Monday July 14th. I am so excited. I'm going to rip that box open and figure out how to work it right away.

If I get good at making shuttles, I will ask if I can make commemorative shuttles for Palmetto Tat Days. I'm giddy waiting for it. I am just praying it's not a disaster like the last machine I ordered.
Here is a picture of the machine I got.

It was a little more than I planned on paying but it's also a way better machine. I didn't want to get the cheap version. If I'm going to be using it, I want a good machine with some power.

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