Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Good news today

I had to return the CNC machine to the seller. I'm happy that it's gone. I get the rest of my money back and my $100 shipping charges. The package weighed 53 lbs.

I also mailed out 2 Etsy orders and some shuttles that I ordered for Val in Singapore. I can ship to her much cheaper than if she ordered it directly.

Shawn and I have had a crazy week. Lots of drama on one of the FB pages I'm on. A person befriended me and then entered into a swap with me for some shuttles I have been trying to obtain for a long time. Well I found out last week that she had promised the same shuttles to a lot of people and had scammed more than 20 people to get them to send her shuttles. She never intended to send anyone any shuttles. We had to delete her from the group and she started talking bad about us. I finally had enough and posted my experience on the page. It opened a lot of eyes so people finally understand why we had to delete her. All is back to happy on the page.

I decided to offer some of my shuttles for swap. I have 7 people I am swapping with. I'm pretty excited. I am only getting a couple shuttles in return. Most of the swaps are for other things. Bobbin lace bobbins, hand dyed thread, a shuttle pouch, crochet hooks. I do get one decorated shuttle, a leather shuttle that I'm getting from a 12 year old boy who is learning how to tat. I'm pretty excited about that and a Chris Hinton bobbin shuttle. I'm so happy to get to swap with so many good people.

Shawn and I went to the bank on Saturday to get some money to remodel the house. I found out today that the remodel will be happening soon. I am so excited. We are getting the kitchen floor and countertops replaced, the sliding glass doors replaced, new carpet, the front door finished and the deck enlarged. I will probably repaint the house also. I will be so happy to get the construction started and then finished. Shawn will be getting bids on the work.

Easter was a pretty quiet day. Rosemary and Pat came ove and Nicholas came for dinner. We tend to break from tradition. We grilled steak, baked potatoes, had baked beans, raw veggies and fruit salad for dinner and then lemon cake and banana nut cake. It was so good.

So now I just have to make 19 shuttles for an order and swaps. I'll be a busy girl for the next few days. I don't mind tho. I love making shuttles. Most of them are from the colored wood and one is zebrawood.

I wanted to offer the swaps for a few reasons. One was to get people talking about something different than the person we deleted and the other was to get people confident in swaps again. It worked. People are so excited to swap and know that we all can be trusted. By me sending the packages as soon as possible, it will show that we are back on track.

Yesterday I got to babysit Makaylee. I can't believe that she's 5 month old already. She is such a good baby. I had her laughing cuz I was being so goofy. We played with a bunch of toys and sang and talked. I think I wore her out because she fell asleep on me. Shawn and I are so blesssed to be the God parents of two wonderful little girls.

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