Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Finished my necklace

I finished my 3rd necklace that I want to wear at FingerLakes.

I even had to buy 2 shirts to match the necklaces. Sad.
Anyway here are pictures of the necklace and earrings I finished tonight. The picture doesn't represent the color well. It's reallly a seafoam green. The beads really do match the thread.

This is my own pattern.


I also got my thread for the Renulek doily. Once I get packed tomorrow for my trip, I'll load my shuttle and start that.
Pix of that to follow.


  1. Wow, fabulous with all those clunies, good job. I've just started Renulek's doily too.

  2. Very beautiful necklace and earring set!! :)

  3. Very attractive! Have fun at Finger Lakes and the Special Vacation after. Karen in OR

  4. Thank you all. I am having a blast. Fingerlakes was amazing. I got to take a class with Ruth Perry aka Rozella F. Linden. She is such a great teacher and person. I was tatting star struck.