Saturday, March 16, 2013

tatting shuttles/ Hand dyed thread

Shawn made a new design in tatting shuttles. It is so cute. I will post pix when it is finished being lacquered. I've never seen a shuttle like this one. I am so excited. He made it out of Poplar, but I think it would look amazing out of Purple heart or Marblewood.
I am still working on my shuttles. I got some new accessories for my Dremel today that will help me make them. I have 8 in various stages of completion right now. Still trying to perfect the pattern and look. It's a learning process, but I do see a marked improvement from the first one to now. It won't be long now before I have some that I am proud of.

Now I also need to dye some thread. I want to bring some to the Finger Lakes Tatting conference next month. I plan on sharing some and want a nice selection. I did figure out how to get the color to stay fresher and not look so washed out. I am going to cure it in the microwave before I wash it out. I am using RIT dye so it cures in the microwave nicely when using cotton thread. Of course, pix will follow as always when I get them done.

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