Sunday, March 10, 2013

Making my own tatting shuttles

I am well on my way to being a shuttle maker. Yesterday Shawn and I went out and we got some exotic wood pieces. I found a guy who I think will become a good friend. He sells the most beautiful wood.
On Friday I picked up a scroll saw and today I picked up a belt sander. Shawn also picked up some router bits to cut holes in the wood so I can make shuttles out of a solid piece of wood.
I have been practicing using the saw. I'm getting pretty good. I've been using some cheap wood to use. Poplar and Pine have been the wood of choice for the practice pieces.
I have some ideas for shuttle designs. I just have to see if they are do-able.
No pictures to show yet, but there will be soon.
My son is so excited that I am doing this. Me too.
I can't wait until the sander gets set up so I can finish my first test shuttle.

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