Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Bekah's tatting lesson #2

Bekah came over today and we had our second tatting lesson.
First we hand dyed thread, which was reallly fun. I learned some new things about dying thread. First is that I need to cure the thread before I rinse it. The colors are so much more vivid and bright. I could never figure out why my colors come out so muted.

OK, so back to Bekah.

Second I taught her:
Folded join
Lock chain
Split ring
Hiding thread - two ways
How to look at a piece and create a pattern.

Bekah picks up tatting techniques so quickly. It's almost intimidating. I am so please with her progress. She is just going for it.

Next lesson I want to teach her:
Split chain
Tatting with beads
And any other techniques I can think of.

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