Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Making shuttles is harder than I thought. I have an image in my mind but I can't get it onto the wood. I know that I shouldn't get frustrated because it's only been a few days and I am just learning how to use all of the tools that I have.
On a brighter side, I am getting really good at using the scroll saw. Shawn is so smart. He is teaching me so many tricks to use some of the tools.
I got a dremel today. It will be a huge help once I get the correct attachments and perfect the use of it.
I want to have completed shuttles in my hand TODAY, but that's not realistic or possible. It will come. I know that it will.
One other good thing is that with every error I make, I learn what not to do and try to figure out a better method. I have to keep telling myself "Trial and Error". Good thing I'm using inexpensive wood for all of my tests. It would really stink if I was using the $25 a foot marblewood. Better to use the $2 a foot oak.
Well back to the work room.

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