Thursday, December 4, 2014

Getting ready for Christmas and having fun

We don't have much money for gifts this year so I am making most of them.

Today I made Shawn's mom a heating pad for her feet out of rice. I used several ingredients to make it smell really good. I took the idea from Pinterest but made it my own. I even got her favorite color fuzzy fabric. I know she will use it over and over again.

Now I want to make one for a few other people. I may even make one for me. I have one for my neck, but may make another one cuz the new scent is awesome.

I am making my son a beaded Christmas tree. I have the tree made. Now I have to make all the ornaments. That's the fun part. I am finding all kinds of unusual things to use as ornaments - old earrings, random beads, Swarovski crystals, and the list goes on. I need to tat some snowflakes for it also.

Not sure about Olivia and Naina. The inspiration for their gifts will come to me. I don't have a ton of time left so I hope to get inspiration soon.

I'm also going to use the laser engraver to make some gifts and our ornaments this year. Every year we put new ornaments on the tree showing something we did that year.

I also have a new tatting student. Our first lesson is this Sunday. I'm excited. She knows the basics so I can jump in and teach her all the fun stuff.  I've also agreed to teach tatting at my local bead store. I need to see if there is any interest first, then if there is, schedule a class. I don't know if people will understand that it takes a while to learn tatting. I guess I will have to make sure I include that info in the class description.

I want to put my Christmas tree up soon. I usually do it the day after Thanksgiving, but this year I'm a little slow in getting it up. I'm really picky about how it goes up so no one ever wants to help me. I like to have my ornaments put on just right and it drives them all crazy. I remember when I got every ornament and like to reminisce about each one.

Well, Peter Pan Live is on and I want to watch it.

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