Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Palmetto Tat Days

I am so excited. I registered yesterday for the Palmetto Tat Days Tatting Conference in Georgia. It's in September. I can hardly wait. It was hard to pick the classes because the schedules are kind of strange. No rhyme or reason to which ones are 2 sessions and which ones are 1 session. I got it all worked out, although I didn't get a class by Martha Ess. She was one of the teachers I really wanted to get a class from. I did get one by Jane Eborall. That just thrills me to death. And one from Nina Liben. I also got one by Vicki Clarke and someone named Erin. This is going to be a great conference. I will get to meet more of my online friends. Some people I already know face to face will be there also. I'm kind of nervous because I'm driving 10 hours by myself and going by myself, but I think I will be OK.

I am also going to set up a table there to sell my tatting shuttles and hand dyed thread. I'm hopefully going to have a new shuttle design to unveil at the conference. I wanted to unveil it sooner, but I will wait until then.

I got to attend a tat a long in VA on Sunday with Linda Slater Barnes and Karen Beary Parent. It was a great day. I got some new tatting books that I have been wanting and some more thread colors that I've wanted.

I've been working on bookmarks for Nate and Naina's wedding. I asked last week if I could make some for table favors. Several people have offered to help me make them. I feel blessed. I have about 130 bookmarks to make. I'm using two simple patterns, one for the men and one for the women. Three colors of thread. That's about 22 bookmarks for each pattern and color. I've already gotten 6 done. Well on my way. LOL.

I have until October to get them done and I am confident that it will happen. So many people are helping that if I only did 2 a day for the next month, then the rest will be done by my friends.

I will post pictures when I get some from all three colors done.

Back to tatting bookmarks.

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