Saturday, June 14, 2014

Happy Father's Day

I'd like to take a moment to say Happy Father's Day to my hubby and all the father's who read my blog.

I wish I could tell my dad that one more time. I don't know where his soul is right now, but I hope he's in Heaven waiting for me. It's kind of sad not to know. I hate it when people just assume when you die you go to Heaven. At least I know Shawn's dad is there and will meet me at those Pearly Gates.

Shawn and I will be celebrating by going to Virginia tomorrow afternoon to pick up some pieces of wood that someone is gifting us for shuttle making. Some really nice species. I'm very excited.

We got a band saw today and I have been having fun cutting those thick pieces of wood into workable ones. I cut up a huge block of Paduk today. I can't wait to make a shuttle out of it. It's such a beautiful species of wood.

Time for bed and a good night's sleep.

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