Sunday, May 4, 2014

Sheep and Wool Festival in Maryland

Well, it's been a fun week. First, Shawn and I had some real quality time together while he was sick. He went back to work on Friday. He's still not 100%, but much better. We went to the bank and settled on our home improvement loan. We've been doing some research to see who will be doing the work in the house. I'm going to be getting bids and quotes this week for the doors and floors.

So on Saturday, our motorcycle organization had our annual fund raiser. We teamed up with two other chapters and went to West Virginia to a quaint little restaurant. It was a great time until we hit a little rain on the way back home. It was a wonderful time. I planned on stopping by the Sheep and Wool Festival at the fairgrounds. I was still on the bike and more rain was expected so I just went home.

Today I got to go. I met up with one of the ladies I usually tat with. I had a great time. I got a few little things and I splurged on one really cool item. I got a pair of glass knitting needles. Yes I did say glass. They are so beautiful. I chose a pair of cobalt blue size 7 circular needles that are 29 inches. The needle parts are longer than usual so they feel really great in my hands.

I picked up some size 17 crochet hooks. I am hoping to connect with the company who makes them to get a supply for our tatting shuttles. I have spent as much as $2.79 each for hooks. If I have to charge $4.00 extra for a shuttle with a hook, my customers won't be happy.

So speaking of shuttles, I sent out Shawn's latest design for testing. I will get the results back this week so hopefully he will be able to take orders this weekend.

I have 19 tatting shuttles on the table right now that are in the final stage of production. I've been told that I don't have enough product in my Etsy store. I guess I'll have to get working.

It's time to get back to tatting the Renulek Spring doily. I'm on round 6.

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