Thursday, May 22, 2014

Home repairs and more

I've been away for a while. Been very busy and no time to post.

Last week we finally got the remodel money in our account. We called a couple companies to get estimates on flooring. Empire Today came out first. We really liked the carpet from them, but the hardwood flooring was wayyyy to much money. We nixed the hardwood and went with carpet. Since we haved 3 floors, we chose to only do two floors for now, so we had someplace to put the stuff from the rooms we needed to clear out. The company is known for next day install, so we had less than one day to empty out several rooms. We got it all done and decided to purge when we unpacked.

The flooring guys came on Friday morning and installed all the carpet in what seemed like no time at all. They only sent two guys but they worked well together and they worked hard. We are so pleased with the look of the floors and now I'm not satisfied with the floor that has the old carpet still.

Oh, on Monday our foyer got ceramic tile installed. Boy it looks amazing. Kind of tan but ties in with the grey/blue carpet we chose for the house.

We got the outside of the house painted along with the front door.

We picked out the deck doors and need to make sure the measurements are correct before we order them. It will take 5 weeks for the livingroom slider to come in because it has to be specially make due to the size of it.

Then on Tuesday, the guy who is doing the deck came over to give us his estimate and help design the deck. We are doubling the size and doing a bump out for the grill to fit in. I also want some built in seating. We are going to purchase all of the supplies and provide most of the labor so it won't cost us very much to get the entire deck done. I am so happy that this is all in the works.

We also picked out the new stove and dishwasher. They will take about 3-4 weeks to come in.

The rest of the upgrades and repairs will be done gradually. The major things are either done, or in the works and it's a little overwhelming right now. The poor dogs and cat don't know what to think of all of the changes. Zura was shaking the other day watching us pack up the living and dining rooms. She just didn't understand. I think she's calmed down now.

I haven't been getting much tatting done, or any other craft for that matter. I've been unpacking all of my supplies. Since we rearranged the furniture in the house, I don't have the little corners to stash my stuff any more. I'm making it work tho. It's nice to purge stuff we have had for years and don't need.

So not much else is happening right now.

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