Saturday, February 23, 2013

Visit to Craft Show

Shawn and I went to the American Craft Council's Craft show in Baltimore today. If you've never heard of it - it's a juried show. I am not sure how some of the vendors got in.

What an experience. I don't actually mean that it was a good thing. First of all, it cost $25 to park, $16 per person to get in and we grabbed a bite - literally - for $21. (3 chicken fingers and a handful of fries x2 and one bottle of iced tea for $21).

It was a huge show. Lots and lots of vendors. Some of the items offered were absolutely beautiful. Way overpriced, but beautiful.

We walked down each isle. There were so many jewelry booths and clothing booths that my eyes started to glaze over when we came upon one of them. We saw one jewelry vendor who was selling button jewelry. A pair of earrings consisting of 2 buttons with thread tied thru the holes hanging from an ear wire for - wait for it - $39. And people were buying them left and right.

There were some beautiful pieces of art. One lady was selling hand embroidered pictures on raw silk. Absoultely beautiful work with amazing results. I bought a mini flower in a frame 2" x 3" for $20. Well worth the price. The artist said that if I send her a picture, she will sew it out for me. She said she doesn't take too many commissioned pieces, but we had a great conversation and she will see what she can do for me.

We saw our favorite pen maker there. He sells hand turned wooden pens. We always purchase from him. He remembered us and gave me a hand crafted needle case/keychain for free with our pen purchase. I will get to see him again in April at another craft festival and buy from him again. He and I have been talking about him making some tatting shuttles for me.

We also saw a lady who makes purses and things from old book covers. So cool. She is going to make me a cover for my nook from my favorite book - Charlotte's Web.

I also bought a little peice of wood that has a secret compartment. I think I visited more woodworking vendors than any other.

Some of the vendors were so friendly and informative. Some just sat in their seats and watched you walk onto and then out of their booths. To each his own.

So anyway, that was our day. Now we are sitting home watching sports. I think it's nap time.

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