Friday, February 8, 2013

I want to start blogging

Hi. I am new to blogging and want to start sharing my love of needle arts. I can do almost any needle or fiber art right now and am always willing to learn. I also want to talk about my life as a domestic violence survivor. I feel that this will give me a good outlet to help others and heal myself.

I use needle arts to cope with the difficulties in my life. I can lose myself in my crafts and not think about the pain I have endured in the past.

I am currently married to my best friend. I have two children and many "adopted" children. My kids are adults and are both amazing. I also have a Pit Bull named D'Artagnan and a cat named Popcorn.

My husband and I ride motorcycles and belong to a Christian motorcycle group.

I am not sure if anyone will even read this, but it will definately help me.

Please let me know if you read it, to let me know that I'm not doing this in vane.

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