Saturday, February 9, 2013

Front side/back side tatting

Front side/back side tatting.
What is this?
Well, I had stepped away from tatting for a while due to work and other commitments. I was knitting a lot and just didn't have the time to tat. And by "for a while" I mean several years.
So I am learning that there are a lot of "new" techniques out there.
I recently learned how to do the Catherine Wheel Join. I just love it. So I am doing Jane Eborall's Tat it and See pattern and she has mentioned FS/BS tatting several times.
I looked this technique up online and see a lot of talk about it but no instructions. The only thing I saw that was remotely useful was from Snowgoose and the down join (another technique I need to learn). So I am wondering if it is just simply starting the chains with the second half of the stitch and then do the first half.
I am going to the FInger Lakes Tatting Conference in April and if I haven't learned anything about this technique by then, I will try to learn it then.
If you have info that can help me, please comment below.
It so nice to be back tatting. One of my "adopted" sons said that it looks like my hands are just flying when I pick up my shuttles. that makes me smile.


  1. Front side, back side tatting is not 'necessary' but it does give a nicer look to something IF you know it's only going to be seen from the 'right side'!!!! I use it because I scan and show my work on the blog. All it is is doing the double stitch as normal on the 'right side' but when you reverse (as in doing a chain after a ring) then you start the chain with the second half of the ds first - like the second half of a split ring. Does that make sense?!?!?!

    1. It does make sense, Jane. After I posted this, I kind of tried it. I have to get my brain to remember not to do the first half of the stitch first.

  2. Ah, 'training the brain' is the hardest bit!!! It's a technique I'm not entirely 'sold' on but I notate my patterns to help people who do like it!!!