Monday, February 11, 2013

Teaching a new tatter is so rewarding

So, today I had the pleasure to begin to teach a young lady to shuttle tat. She's 19 so it's so nice to be able to share this art with a younger generation.

I wrote out a list of things I wanted to teach her. I began with the basics. I don't know if I began to simplisticly, but I reviewed every part of the shuttle.

Here is the first stitches she made:

Within 3 Double stitches she had the flip down. Our lesson lasted for about 3 hours.
She learned the following in that 3 hours:
  • The parts of a shuttle
  • What the shuttle is for
  • What the ball thread is for
  • The difference in core thread and working thread
  • What makes up a double stitch
  • How to load a shuttle
  • The flip
  • How to count stitches
  • What a picot is and how to make one
  • How to untat or rip out
  • How to make a ring
  • What happens when you don't flip a stitch in a ring
  • How to close a ring
  • Reverse work
  • How to complete a join
  • How to read a pattern
  • Abbreviations
Phew, I think I'm tired just typing the list.
Bekah has some homework to do. I gave her three patterns to complete or attempt to complete before our next lesson.
More to come on her lessons.

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